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Interview with WalloVillacorta



I had a chance to discuss photography with Wallo Villacorta out of the Chicago area. He really is a true lover of the art and you can tell that when you can’t even find a picture of their face!


Adam– Why do you photograph? (not just in comparison to other mediums but also in the philosophical idea of ‘why do you create?’)

Wallo– Whoa… heavy question. I’ve never really thought about why I do what
I do. I’m extremely horrible with words and explanations. I also
don’t like to analyze things too much. That being said, here is a
list of things that maybe explain why I create images.

  • memory
  • bicycles
  • musicians
  • time
  • people
  • face
  • expressions
  • expressing
  • communication
  • feelings
  • friends
  • boxes
  • music
  • lines
  • bananas
  • thoughts
  • eyes
  • time machines.

So there you have it.

I re-read what i wrote above and realized something… ” I’m
extremely horrible with words and explanations. I also don’t like to
analyze things too much.” – pretty good reason why I photograph.


Adam– Haha it wasn’t meant to have a specific answer.  

Moving away from the heavy questions, share with us what your tools are. What is your preferred camera and lens?


Wallo– For practicality, I use a digital canon SLR. However, I definitely
prefer using film cameras. I’m a sucker for buying really old cameras
from the ebay and thrift stores. Lately, I’ve been shooting my two
Holgas (medium format and 35mm) as well as a Pentax Spotmatic. My
favorite camera would be my Yashica LM twin lens medium format camera.
It’s pretty insane how high the quality of the images are from that
camera. Once in a while I pull out my Polaroid cameras and my one
1950’s german rangefinder.


Adam– I noticed the natural graininess to your shots. For the holgas are you using any Slide Film?

Wallo– I’ve never used slide film before. When shooting my film cameras, I
shoot whatever film I can get my hands on. Mostly because I’m broke
all the time. Finding expired film on ebay is the best. A couple of
months ago, I found a bunch of expired kodak portra, 35mm and medium
format, for dirt cheap. The image quality may suffer a little but
most of the time it just makes it more interesting. Cheap film from
walgreens is always good too.


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