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Saturday May 2nd marked the beginning of the second Unique Los Angeles Design & Gift Sale. A place where vendors can sell hand made items, clothing, jewelry and just about anything that has to do with art. Hundreds of people were filling the yellow lit penthouse on the 13th floor of the California Market Center. Rows and rows of independent clothing, handmade jewelry and nic-nacs to browse through.


For a show that cost $11 per person ($6 parking, $5 entry) it was definitely worth it. I love finding fun screen prints that no one else will have. I ended up at the Johnny Cupcake stand and found a hidden Classic Cupcake in Black. I also got some items from Sharp Shirter, Razaware and Seibei.


Guys, next time there is a show bring your lady. You can shop for fairly decent prices (considering the intrinsic value of the brands) and find stuff you will like. And for the single fellas, this place had more attractive ladies than a Britney Spears concert featuring Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. 


The event lasts from 11:00am to 5:00pm and went from Saturday to Sunday. The official after party by DimMak got some mild acclaims but I wouldn’t blame people for being tired after working a stand all day. There was a small children’s area for those with kids and many vendors sold directly to moms and dads. Food was being served in a section and thank God it didn’t smell up the whole place. That could potentially have ruined the event. (Im really piffy when it comes to smells.)


Overall it was a great show. I came with $100.00 in cash and left with $1.00. Shopping makes me happy :]



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