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Posted in Art + Thoughts by adamkupratis on May 6, 2009

I had the chance to see the artwork of Chris Ryniak about 3 years ago in Los Angeles at the Thinkspace Gallery. He has been hushed up for a while now but according to his recent blog post he has been working on a lot of projects that must remain veiled in secrecy until their official releases.”

Anyways, I love his paintings and his sculptures. Imagine if Dr. Suess met Alex Pardee and they had a kid in Wonderland.




Posted in Entertainment, News by adamkupratis on May 5, 2009

Found this site that visual shows you exactly how much sugar you are injesting with common day foods and beverages. Now I’m not a big coke drinker, normally it would need rum in order to get me to drink it. But after seeing how much sugar is in a Coke I’m not sure about that anymore. Can anyone tell me how much sugar is in a White Russian? via SugarStacks.


Unique Los Angeles Event

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The Unique Los Angeles, Independent Design & Gift Sale.


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Posted in Music by adamkupratis on May 4, 2009

I’ve recently had the band Arizona on repeat in my car. I can’t stop listening to the music. The purity of the lyrics, rawness of the acoustics and calming vocals make me …. oh….. oh….. ooooooooohhhhhH! yuck… here is the video for their song Life is Great.


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Saturday May 2nd was an art & music event by LoWax Collective. I had the opportunity to attend and enjoy the sounds of the Acid Girls, My Hollow Drum and Gestapo Khazi. The music was hot as hell and the warehouse was great. Lots of great local artists to check out here. The event photos can be found over at WillTeeYang

img_3537The crowd was your typical scene of fashionable people between the age of 18-28. Everyone was in good moods and there was never a sense of ‘cliques’. The party ran free of police thanks to the great management. They provided a shuttle to take guests to and from their cars which were located at a not-too-distant parking structure. The performance by Gestapo Khazi was my favorite of the night. Always a good show and fun tunes. 




img_3627There was a modest art display of all the members of the collective and I must say I am going to have to keep an eye out for a couple of them. Really incredible works with acrylics and oils. My personal favorite was this giant troll face that made me reminisce about my childhood playing Warcraft II and collecting dodecahedrons.

img_3553img_3556I recommend checking out the website at


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Stumbled upon this site via ffffound and its all in Russian or some other language. I cant tell who the artist is or what the meaning is behind all these amazing photos. Please check it out and if you have a good translator plugin write me with some info.



Posted in Film, Music by adamkupratis on May 3, 2009

The music video for Waves Machines new song, “The Greatest Escape We Ever Made” rediscovers the “joys and agonies of stop motion” as quoted by director Stuart Lanceley. The song made me bounce a bit in my chair while I sipped on vitamin water and recovered from last night.

For this video, I rediscovered the joy and agony of stop-motion animation. It’s the reason I first got into film-making. I created a paper edit first, then shot the band with a Sony Z1 camcorder. I edited this footage together in Final Cut Pro and then exported every frame as a TIFF. These stills were printed and cut out. It was then re-shot with a digital camera before all the stills were brought back into FCP once again. Et Voila! Hope you enjoy it.
If you want to know more about the band, they have a free download and links to myspace, facebook etc. at – Stuart


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The latest work by Micaela Rossato was featured in Elle UK and centered on jewelry. But for some reason, despite how amazing the photography is…. I get really really hungry looking at these photos. via DeMode

cherries are the sexiest fruit ever.... peaches are a close second

cherries are the sexiest fruit ever.... peaches are a close second

her wrists must be freezing

her wrists must be freezing


jello and watermelon?- thats racist :]

jello and watermelon?- thats racist




Neither Fish Nor Fowl

Posted in art, Design by tawnyrose on May 3, 2009

I found this page today searching on I’m amazed by the hand work and of the fine details.
Very impressive work indeed. Check it out, get inspired! It’s beautiful today!

Man Hat Tan on Neither Fish Nor Fowl
Capital Idea from Neither Fish Nor Fowl

NEW MATH by Craig Damrauer

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Random word calculations that lead to awesome relationships.


Go Ask Your Father