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Interview with DavidStone

DavidStoneYou may have not heard it yet, but you will soon. The creative sounds of Lions, TIgers and Bears is something I can’t see fading away. The mind of David Stone creates music that should be categorized as Life Soundtracks. Each song has the hovering awe that can develop goosebumps with each beat.


David started the idea behind his music during his college years in Athens, Georgia. The musical influence of the city began created the mold for his creative sound and led him into unexplored alleys of musical styles, sounds and ideas. In his dorm his freshman year, David began the journey with his four friends and started performing on stage as the group “Whim”.


Whim is described as a “piano-heavy pop-rock” group that played sold out crowds for almost two years. David however grew tired of the ‘typical’ band sound and craved a new muse. Eventually this and other members lives led them apart in 2006. David then got himself a MIDI keyboard and an mbox and from there on he began satisfying his musical hunger. 


David wanted to take three of his musical mistresses and combine them. Hip-hop, electro and music-accompanied spoken word. After a year of experimenting he finally developed Lions, TIgers and Bears. David took some time to chat with me about his music, the future of Lions, Tigers and Bears (LTB) and life. 

Adam- Why do you make music?


David- I would say creating music is my way of expressing motion trapped inside of me.  To be honest, most of the things I create transcend my intention.  I might have ideas or plans for a song, but they’re usually different from what actually comes out.  I hammer out the pieces like a madman, and when I step back to listen to it I think, “Wow, where did this come from?”  But I’ve come to realize that if I don’t allow myself to let go and let that motion (or creativity, or whatever you want to call it) overtake me, I’m throwing away my key to unlocking the doors of the undiscovered.


Adam- When did you go from Athens to Brooklyn?


David- I moved up to New York in September of 2008 after graduating in August.  I’d been interested in the NY music scene for a while, mainly because I knew it was diverse.  The Athens music culture is perfect for upcoming rock acts.  But once I made that transition from being in a rock band to what I’m doing now I felt I needed to be in a bigger city.  When I first got up to the city my cousin generously allowed me to crash on her couch for over a month.  She lived right by the train tracks so every morning at about 5 am the train would come roaring by her house.  And, for some reason, the conductor always blew the horn right as the train passed the living room window.  I think I finally got adjusted to that right as I moved out.  I moved into Brooklyn in November.


Adam- Speaking of your creative process, do you you have a special time when your create your music?


David- I would say, if anything, my creative process is sporadic.  There are times that I try to set aside for writing, but those almost always fail me.  If I make myself sit down to work I tend to lack inspiration.  It can be really frustrating.  I’ve found that my most productive moments come when I’m in a rush.  If I have to be somewhere or have a deadline inspiration inevitably strikes.  I almost see it as a wild beast I have to tame.  One of the things I’ve avoided buying after moving here is a television, for the simple fact that I’d probably be glued to it every day after work if I had one.  I try to devote my time to creativity as much as possible, but creativity doesn’t always return the favor.  When that inspiration does finally come it comes in a flood.  I just try to scoop up as much as I can while it’s there.


Adam- I know what you mean about the TV. I had to cancel subscriptions for fear of never getting anything done. Are you thinking about putting out a CD soon? Any labels on the horizon? 


David- I’m considering my options right now.  I’ve been crafting the LTB sound for a few years, and I’m just now getting to the point where I want to make myself available to the industry.  The idea of putting together a full-length cd is of interest.  But for the moment I’m really focusing on scheduling live shows and getting the word out about the music however possible.  I have a six song demo that I’m currently making available for promotional purposes.  But as far as a definite answer for either question I would say that nothing has been decided as of yet.  


Adam-  have all of your shows been on the east coast?


David- Yes.  And up until recently most of those shows were in the Southeast.  I’m excited about expanding geographically.  I hope to play shows further West sometime this year.  


Adam- That’d be great. hopefully LA when you do. So tell us about your tools. What software do you use. Favorite instrument etc. 


David- I’d love to hit LA…Well the equipment has upgraded over the years.  These days I work primarily in Logic on a duel-core MacBook.  In the past I worked with Reason, which I still hold to be a pretty awesome program.  Back then I would record the material in protools.  I suppose my lack of expertise as an engineer caused me to drift toward Logic, which I believe to be more user-friendly.  But I still use protools from time to time.  The midi programing is done using a Korg Kontrol 49.  I am in love with that thing.  I’ve had it for over three years and couldn’t be happier.  I’ve recently added to the arsenal a Presonus Firestudio interface.  I haven’t done much recording with it yet, but I’m looking forward to using it for vocal recordings in particular.  As far as favorite instruments go, I would have to say I’m most taken with strings at the moment.  Part of the live show consists of a small chamber of strings.  I’m really taken with their versatility when it comes to dynamic changes in songs.  


AlbumArtAdam- have you gotten a lot of good feedback from your shows in brooklyn?

Any possible collaborations? 


David- I’ve only played a couple of shows in NY so far and both were small scale productions.  The response has been good.  I just really want to let the whole thing out of the bag.  I’m actually working as we speak to schedule some shows in the next month.  I have been in touch with a number of artists who are interested in collaborating.  I did a track last year with a talented producer from the UK called Blue Daisy.  I’m definitely open to collaborations, but I’m really try to maintain focus right now on this project.


Adam- well apparently the future for LTB is blossoming. Is your plan to take LTB on full time or rather let the wind carry you? 


David- Man I would love to take LTB full time.  That’s definitely the goal.  But I’m also aware that a lot of work needs to be done to make that happen.  I think the exciting thing for me is that I’m finally in a place where I can see that light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m ready to do the work.


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  1. Blue Daisy said, on June 8, 2009 at 8:06 am


    BIG UP BRO..!!….

    Ur time is nearly here, the world will soon wake up to ur talent..


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