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Interview with LouiseMertens

Louise Mertens is a model, photographer, traveler and just turned 20. She pretty much makes me look like I’ve had the most boring life in comparison. Not only is she gorgeous but also smart; smart enough to take amazing photos and with the humblest of tools. Her photography is really feminine. No, I don’t use that word negatively. Her photos are soft and really capture the lines of a woman’s body that emphasize their beauty. Natural hair falling over the back of a shoulder blade can be sexier than Kate Beckinsale in a latex jumpsuit. 


Louise is from Belgium, Antwerp and had been studying for Psychology, Arts and Photography. After taking a year off for modeling she will be going into a four year course for advertising. I got the wonderful opportunity to ask her some questions and she was kind enough to chat with me. Louise has a personal website at and also a blog at Lickapella.


Adam – Why do you Photograph?

Louise – My answer to ‘Why I photograph’ is that I love the fact that we are able to make a memory. What I like about a picture is that you can choose every little detail of it yourself. In my case, the model, the pose, the clothes, expression, background, everything. I like to experiment with those things.
I’ve always been so full of ideas, till one day, my head was going to explode and now I found a way to make them a little more visual for myself and others.
I want to create what I love to see, mostly people and fashion, and not to forget, art of course

Adam – Ok, now some easier ones…tell me a bit about yourself.

Louise – I’m from Belgium, Antwerp. Last week I turned 20.
I studied human science(psychology), arts and photography
I just had a year off where I did a lot of modeling and traveling and making pictures
In October I will start advertising for 4 years (if I pass my enter-exam)
And of course I will continue with my blog 

Adam – Well happy birthday! I trust you had a good time? 

Louise – thank you, yes I threw a party I had the best birthday!

Adam – So are you not going to be doing anymore science studies? 

Louise – No, I liked it but it’s not my biggest interest (to be doing it as a job I mean)

Adam – Tell us a little about your tools…What is your camera of choice, lens etc

When is your favorite place to shoot?

Louise – I use a Canon 20D at the moment and sometimes just a throw away camera
my favorite place to shoot. Well for now it would be outside because my camera makes better pictures there, and I like a little touch of nature, simple backgrounds
but Monday I go to brazil for 3 weeks, and I’ll almost sure that will be mu new favorite place!

Adam – That sounds amazing. Where about in Brazil? And is this for your photography that you are going there? 

Louise – no, im visiting a few friends who live here but of course I will make many pictures!


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  1. tiana said, on May 15, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    so beautiful!

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