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Interview with AshburnEng

I had a chance to talk to Ashburn Eng this past week. Here is the jist:

Ashburn Eng is a fashion creative based in Singapore. After graduating
from LCE School of Arts & Design where he studied Arts & Interior
Design, he worked briefly in retail as a visual merchandiser and later
did an apprenticeship with local designer as an assistant designer. It
was during this time that he discovered his talent for fashion styling
and decided to pursue a full-time career as a stylist.

Ashburn always try to transform a dream’s magic into reality by
expressing through his art work. Being highly imaginative at a very
young age and loves dressed up. “Fashion is like a fantasy for him..
is so addictive, ecstatic, and so beautiful..”

I can’t imagine doing anything else beside fashion.

I have been styling for close to 7 years. I describe my job as
exciting, emotional, amusing, emotional, intense, too much sometimes,
too cool and never ending! I’m an expert who uses art and science to
make model, fashion garments and objects look good in order to make a
statement. My job scopes also revolves trend/beauty forecast,
conceptualize storyline, giving art direction and working with a pool
of creative individuals like fashion designers, photographer, makeup
artist and hairstylist to create a fashion spread.

Here are some of my latest work artwork collaborated with various
designer, photographers….


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