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Posted in News by adamkupratis on May 4, 2009


Saturday May 2nd was an art & music event by LoWax Collective. I had the opportunity to attend and enjoy the sounds of the Acid Girls, My Hollow Drum and Gestapo Khazi. The music was hot as hell and the warehouse was great. Lots of great local artists to check out here. The event photos can be found over at WillTeeYang

img_3537The crowd was your typical scene of fashionable people between the age of 18-28. Everyone was in good moods and there was never a sense of ‘cliques’. The party ran free of police thanks to the great management. They provided a shuttle to take guests to and from their cars which were located at a not-too-distant parking structure. The performance by Gestapo Khazi was my favorite of the night. Always a good show and fun tunes. 




img_3627There was a modest art display of all the members of the collective and I must say I am going to have to keep an eye out for a couple of them. Really incredible works with acrylics and oils. My personal favorite was this giant troll face that made me reminisce about my childhood playing Warcraft II and collecting dodecahedrons.

img_3553img_3556I recommend checking out the website at


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