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Posted in Dining + Entertainment by adamkupratis on March 30, 2009

A couple weeks ago I was invited to experience a flavor I have never encountered on my table before. French Vietnamese cuisine. The Favori restaurant in Santa Ana is an experience that will have many on the fence between pain and pleasure. (Favori means ‘favorite’ in french) A busy bustling of servers scampering around with little mind to the guests they serve. The scent of fish, oil and some other scent that I can only describe as…. Asian. Yes, pun intended. A white male is a minority in this place but like any Pho restaurant, you learn to accept it. Vietnamese chit chat painfully pops in every nook and cranny of the place. The whiny vowels and sudden phonetic halts distract from the gorgeous display of Catfish staring at you (eyes still secure).
After embracing the pseudo-new culture of the restaurant as ‘a different experience’ you are able to enjoy the meal. I discovered what nam pla tastes like. And it does NOT taste like it smells. Nam pla is a fish sauce made from fish oil that has a sweet presence initially and then finishes with a nutty salmon flavor. The specialty which I enjoyed that night was a Broiled Catfish that seemed cooked to perfection. The skin was a crispness unparalleled to any preparation i have experienced. Eaten with an array of noodles, condiments and of course, rice paper it is a fun dish that will certainly have me going back from time to time. Looking around the restaurant I noticed few people eating anything other than this fish so I would probably advise not to order anything else.


Broiled Catfish @ Favori

Broiled Catfish @ Favori

Another observation: i did not see a single French or French inspired dish in the entire restaurant apart from the dessert we had which was a flambe banana found at many late night crepe diners. a 10 star dessert in a 6 star establishment. Go for the food, not the atmosphere, but seriously, i hate fish… this was way legit :)—


Now, I have been compelled to share the recent music I have been exposing myself to for no reason in particular. But I recently got back into the band Mother Mother and started listening to their first CD again, and again, and again. It can be an annoying sound to some but i reccommend the song Verbatim if you are into ‘fun’ music. Here is a playlist I made for this week.

March 30th Playlist


    Track     Time
1 Play Pale Young Gentlemen – Saturday Night full track Loved track 3:36
2 Play Spiral Beach – Philosophy Is My Cat Loved track 2:38
3 Play Winter Gloves – Invisible full track Loved track 3:00
4 Play Mother Mother – Verbatim full track Loved track 2:46
5 Play ThunderHeist – Jerk It full track Loved track 3:53
6 Play Björk – Big Time Sensuality full track Loved track 5:06
7 Play Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start – My Argument Precedes Me full track   1:57
8 Play Menomena – Muscle’n Flo full track   4:22
9 Play Flying – Minors full track   2:41
10 Play Slow Club – Me And You full track   3:03
11 Play The Unicorns – The Unicorns: 2014 (demo version)   3:35
12 Play Destroyer – City of Daughters full track   2:28
13 Play Joel Plaskett Emergency – Television Set   2:25
14 Play Hawksley Workman – Jealous of Your Cigarette full track   2:25
15 Play The Bicycles – Sure Was Great   1:34
16 Play Death From Above 1979 – You’re Lovely (But You’ve Got Problems) full track   3:06
17 Play Woodhands – Under Attack full track   3:19
18 Play Colin Munroe – Sunday Bloody Sunday (Main) full track   4:49
19 Play Chipmunk – chipmunk full track   0:40 





3502 W 1st St
Santa Ana, CA 92703
(714) 531-6838


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