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Posted in Dining + Entertainment by adamkupratis on March 10, 2009

This past weekend L and I trouped the cusp-class dining and entertainment of LA once again. (I am feeling the urge to change my blog title to “I’m a prick and better than you and listen to me talk about my awesome times in LA” but I’ll refrain. I just had to write down the observation I have made about myself and the writings I.. write.

Pippin @ Mark Taper Forum in LA

Pippin @ Mark Taper Forum in LA

Moving forward, L and I had the day planned to see a new off-Broadway play and dine at a trendy eatery. I had planned the play, she planned the dinner. The play is called Pippin and is performing at the Mark Taper Forum, part of the Center Theatre Group. Yes, that IS how they spell theater, don’t ask me why Center isn’t spelled Centre. Lack of continuity always frustrates me. It is nearly impossible to discover what the play is about prior to seeing it. I had to dig and scour the Internet to learn that I could find nothing. I was not disappointed however, quite the opposite. While the play was simple and nothing spectacular, it did have some interesting elements that were unique to anything I had experienced before. Half of the cast was either mute, deaf or both and could only communicate using sign language. The process in which performers communicated to audience members that did not understand… hand, was to have another cast member sing/speak out their words for them. Complicated to explain but a simple process I assure you. While the signing can get a little distracting it was not a problem. The issue I had was the flow of the play from scene to scene. I honestly would fail to explain the time line of the story if I tried. I would recommend it to those that had an open mind to entertainment and/or enjoy plays.

After the show, which started at 2:30 (meaning OLD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!) ended around 4:45 sans intermission (OLD PEOPLE PEEING EVERYWHERE!), L and I spent an hour at the Grove then proceeded to our restaurant. Ketchup. Yes, it is called Ketchup and you will never guess why. Okay, i tried, i tried to be cute and so obviously sarcastic but I just don’t do cute sarcasm. They make Ketchup, all sorts from Mango to Wasabi (my fave). L chose the place because of its interior. An entirely white furniture and paint scheme with red lighting. I enjoyed it immediately when walking in they were playing Depeche Mode “Shake the Disease”. The troupe up the stairs would be difficult for Lance Armstrong let alone someone with TWO testicles. (ooooo low blow, i mean, left blow, dang it. I’m not a jerk.) The climb opened to a modern seating arrangement with high ceilings. The infamous booth-table-chair arrangement done against the window where we sat proved to be the most comfortable restaurant chair ever! It had armrests! anyways, we just had to get fries at a restaurant called Ketchup smartly decorated with a large photo mosaic composing of a Heinz bottle. The fries served were of a whimsical nature and they better be if i pay $12.00 for them. Fried and served with Parmesan cheese and some herb I couldn’t discern (I don’t use many herbs in my own cooking), we enjoyed discovering which of the house-made ketchup’s were our favorite. Don’t do what I did and assume ketchup is ketchup. Because i don’t really like ketchup. This is more of a sauce separate from the condiment. Every taste unique and rich.

Our table @ Ketchup in LA

Our table @ Ketchup in LA

Ketchup in LA

Ketchup in LA

For our entrees L ordered the American Comfort Selection of tomato soup, grilled cheese and french fries. I had the Vegetable Lasagna. Incredible! I have never tasted a better lasagna! I realize my abundant use of !!!!’s but it really was a pleasant evening. I failed to steal a taste of L’s meal but was distracted by the poorly dressed servers who all wore blue jeans and white 3-buttons. For dessert we shared a poorly made Strawberry Shortcake that took an entire cup of coffee to get to our table. Which by the way, was above par. Obviously not french pressed or organic but freshly ground to say the least.

Over all it was a pleasant dinner. Not too expensive without drinks but after looking at their wine selection and drink prices I wouldn’t recommend getting any. They do have a bar but it looked too small for any really event and seemed to be more of a waiting area than a real bar. The night was coming to an end and L and I had some movies to watch. We decided we wanted to try a suspension chamber next month. If anyone has any experience let me know, i cant wait!


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