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Dirty Paint Sex

Posted in Art + Thoughts by adamkupratis on February 26, 2009

If your a painter you will understand where I am coming from… maybe. I don’t presume that I consider myself ‘oh so painterly’ or exceptional. I just love to paint. Last evening I finally took this large sheet of glass into the studio and transformed it from function to form. This piece of glass has been sitting on the side of my parents neatly cookie-cut house for months. It used to be one half of a shower door unit until my sister, my most angry and irrational in the mornings sister, slammed the door shattering the sister pane. Digressing. So I took this glass piece which measures about 5.5′ tall and 2.5′ wide and began painting on it using black and red acrylic paint. I had only a vague idea of what to paint and figured I would do what I don’t commonly do and allow the painting to create itself.

I rarely do this because of my anal retentive nature to create exactly what my thoughts develop pre-preparation. I’m a planner and am flawed by it

Allowing myself to learn about the image while developing it I became immersed in the work. I felt like I had stopped swimming and starting floating, simply moving wherever the current goes. Apparently this tide took me to a dark place but then again, I did choose black as a primary color. I was also listening to Bauhaus which has a very Gothic rhythm and falsetto. I began the painting with very controlled lines and fine brushes, stroking every path that led to symphony. As my depth deepened and my thoughts blackened I dipped my hands into the paint and started touching the glass. Hand to Art. Art to Hand. The connection became palpable, the process of creation felt like intercourse. My heart beating with the musics rhythm, the paint gushing and lubricating between the phallus of my fingers and the clitoris of her cool glass. Every smear, blur, stroke, touch, kiss, swipe, splatter and drip reminded me of sex or rather ‘making love’. It was as if having sex with someone who is so connected to your thoughts that they move exactly when and where you want and they moan exactly how you want. It was religion.

Glass Painting

Glass Painting

The crude behaviour between myself and the ‘canvas’ resulted in a dark and graphic image lacking any traditional talent. The surface was nearly entirely covered by black and my hands looked like i had murdered a jar of turpentine.  I allowed myself to become, once again, myself as I collected thoughts, ideas and lest we forget, the many insecurities I have carried on my shoulders. The epiphany that cleaning was next startled me but I graciously accepted. During cleaning I began thinking of what to do with the new creation. Do I hang it against a wall like any other piece of cotton canvas? Do I create a mount for it to be self standing? I really want to play with the fact that light shines through it so I think I will build a lamp out of plexiglass and flourescent lights and mount it behind the glass to show the texture and intensities of the paint.

After wards I did the rest of my routine and began missing the creation process already. I distracted myself temporarily by reading a novel and then searched the internet for inspiration. I came across an interesting video that… well you should watch below. It distracted me until it was over. Im tired of writing now, time for work.  Ill post better photos of the painting when I feel like it.

After the Paint dried

After the Paint dried


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  1. Nigel Tomm said, on February 26, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Your paintings are dark and sexy. And I love that combination.

  2. glass painting said, on August 28, 2009 at 12:09 am

    Thank you very much I hope you further progress and excellence

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