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BOXeight – Art & Insecurities

Posted in Art + Thoughts, Dining + Entertainment by adamkupratis on February 22, 2009

Last evening I was given the opportunity to discover the essence behind the hype that is… BOXeight. BOXeight is the self-proclaimed largest independent art gallery in the U.S. I could easily go off topic discussing the irony and semantics behind that statement but it is not necessary. The gallery or ‘factory’ as it is called, in fact branded on the exterior brick wall facade, is a re-invented car garage. Furnished with swanky industrial amenities and ikea tid-bits, the factory had two elements which i adore; brick walls and high, open ceilings. The event was an ‘invite only’ private party held in order to showcase the performance of the group ‘Soul Or System’ and host an on-line video/radio broadcast wherein the musical talent is interviewed as well as the owner/s of the studio. (I still don’t see the purpose behind the owners practically interviewing each other but I figure it’s an LA thing.) Surprisingly the crowd was light, enjoyable even enough to hold conversation. They had a catering service that supplied a soggy arrangement of Bruschetta, Broccoli Salad and some mini pancake looking thing. The bar was operated by whomever seemed interested in operating it. Typically there was the token roaming photographer with slave flash set to kill, guys dressed up like 70’s goth lovers with boots they didn’t know oozed insecure.

BOXeight Factory

BOXeight Factory

I felt out of place due to my lack of swanky clothing and lack of hair care, but entirely in element when turning a corner found the most beautiful thing an artist can see… a large open room with barren white walls. Imagination hits start, fuzzy images of myself discussing Francisco Goya with a glass of wine and a black turtle neck with Tom Waitz in front of rows and rows of my paintings. My knees grew weak and then suddenly I’m interrupted by Captain Fashion and precisely teased hair asking me for a cigarette which I didn’t have. His amazement tickled me as sweaty palm retracted from his T-Rex posture and his lower lip developed autism. The biggest epiphany one experiences after cutting the habit is how everyone you know in your age group smokes and how much of minority you have become.

Back to the ‘factory’, the presence of grass in LA is unusual in of itself but a yard boxed in by 25 foot brick walls is even more dramatic. Pleasant and somehow resembling an oasis, the patio/yard area proved to be a decent place to have a conversation whilst avoiding the deadly plumes of cigarette smoke that B-Line for every olfactory nerve in your nose. The factory was segmented into units in which couches, curtains and desks were implied walls. A photographer had his office and home smack in the middle of it all, his photography was interesting but nothing I would say as new. To be honest it felt as though his photography was attempting to be grotesque by vainly portraying women with a nipple or two peeking out to say hi. The photoshop work was admirable but again, nothing new. I feel photography may die thanks to technology, not including nature photography.

Soul Or System

Soul Or System

The evening continued with an impressive performance by the group ‘Soul Or System’ which comprises of three musicians in which one rigs old children’s toys to sound modulators and syncs the audio to the beat which is set by another member. After the performance and a bit more discussions on evaluating the studio as a possible place for myself to lease out I decided to head home. To sumize the experience, it was new, young and interesting. I can easily see myself utilizing some space there for myself. Too tired to continue on to Bardot and hang out with Fischerspooner, I gratefully thanked the owner for the evening and made may way off stage.


:     1446 E Washington Blvd  Los Angeles, CA 90021

roaming photos at:Relivelastnight


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