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Posted in Dining + Entertainment by adamkupratis on February 20, 2009

Recipe for contentment

An enjoyable evening befell us last night as L and I dove into the pulsing, bleeding streets of downtown LA. (I feel like such a prick saying ‘downtown LA’) After fighting with the multitudes of cars that move in a rhythm similar to a drum circle at a neo-hippie love fest, we almost reached our destination. In fact, we ended up at the wrong place and we were late as well, I blame McDonald’s and that’s just because people are fat. Yes, I went there, ooooo ahhhh, stop being fat and drive like something other than Bob Barkers stand-by hearse.

My apologies. Ok, I have made a terrible error in my writing in that I have yet to tell you where the hell I was even going to begin with. I know I could just hold delete for a day and start over but as William Burroughs wrote “self editing is the source of censorship”.

L and I had an evening planned to enjoy some french gastronomical excellence along with a bit of music from a favorite Jazz singer of mine. The idea was to be at the restaurant by 7:30 and at the venue by 9:00. We ended up at the restaurant at 8:00, fucking McDonald’s. Wow, another error on my behalf, the restaurant is called The Little Door restaurant.   ( )

The Little Door Restaurant

I have never been there before and have heard all sorts of mixed reviews so I thought it best to discover myself. Finding it was another story though. First of all, apparently my GPS which I rely on so heavily, confused W 3rd St. with E 3rd St. and we ended up 4 miles away from the restaurant. After finding the address and parking we walked in the general direction we knew the restaurant to be in. I took the name literally and assumed it had no exterior landmarks other than ‘a little door’. We just so happened to pass by it when I did a double take and saw the address on the side. Sure enough, a random little wooden door that resembles those doors you see in Tom Sawyer’s Island comprised of a fake stone facade. Almost as if it were to open finding a series of pipes and cigarette butts behind it.

We walked into France. The light was so dim it seemed almost silly. The people had an air of piousness and the hostesses had thick french accents and repeated my name with a gusto that reminded me of how disgusting typical American’s mispronounce my name. We were cordially led to one of the four dining areas where a table for two was backed up to a long padded sofa. The immediate fact I noticed from this area that comprised of four tables  against the sofa/wall was that the woman get the sofa, the men get the chair. I was absolutely willing to give L the sofa, I just noticed how funny it was to see the men on their side and the woman on the other. Remember how I said the light was so dim it seemed silly? well, try reading a friggin menu in an Abyss with a candle, apparently you have to have night vision or bring your own flash light. (I only complain in retrospect) I have heard many mixed reviews about this place and their food. One certainty I had was that the Seven Vegetable Couscous with Harissa and Onion Confit was divine. L happily chose that dish and I in all my male glory got the Grilled Filet Mignon with a Green Peppercorn and Tarragon Port Wine Sauce.

Guys, take your girl here. Guaranteed to impress her, even I was impressed with myself. The ambiance was beautiful and the wine list was not shy of impressive. Having just enough time to eat and be on our way we ordered wine by the glass. Duckhorn ‘’Decoy’’ Napa Valley 2005 did us just perfectly and myself even better knowing the BEEF was coming. L and her sweet tooth, no caffeine, carb-loving pallet got some french lemonade as well, which tasted like a very light spritzer.
As we talked over the wine about the restaurant, the night and life the night began to settle and my pleasure began to rise. Content with the timing and relaxing for the first time in the day I felt a great deal of relief and sank my body into the warm and cozy comfort of happiness. As the bread with vinegar and oil salted my pallet and our conversation flowed with little effort our waiter magically appeared behind me with our entrees intoxicating the air. Apparently the french are ninjas. We took no hesitation to ‘dig in’. The steak was cooked perfectly and the wine sauce was heavenly. I tried with no avail to capture the recipe through taste. L’s couscous looked beautiful and perfectly prepared. I was gifted a taste and found myself in Vegetarian nirvana.

The dinner was excellent. The time however showed that Jim Bianco was going on stage at that very minute. We made a path through the very ‘Hollywood’ crowd and got ourselves into the car and to the venue.

The Hotel Cafe

The Hotel Cafe

Upon arriving at the Hotel Cafe ( )  I heard Jim Bianco performing and excitement rushed through me. This is my favorite place in Los Angeles and it is all about the music. Its not about being seen, or meeting someone. Its so dark inside you cant see the person your standing next to. We enjoyed the music and the band following and made our way out. Upon leaving I noticed a little celebredom when miss Heather Graham held the door open for us. L and I departed from the land of the Angels and retired to our homes. Food, Wine, Music and Conversation; this is my recipe for joy.

The Little Door

8164 W Third St., Los Angeles, CA  90048

The Hotel Cafe

1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca 90028


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