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Posted in Music by adamkupratis on May 7, 2009

Hell yea! Oh how long I have been waiting for someone to replace Coldplay and Radiohead! I’m sorry fans, I’m getting tired of Radiohead. I know, I know, how  can I use apple and be tired of Radiohead. Get over it. DM Stith is here and he is taking  the road less traveled but most conquered. The classic soft, piano, artsy road that sounds like he took an Ambien and drank a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. I love it. It reminds me of when Elliot Smith was still alive and all his songs where hypocritical. Then he went and killed himself…. with a kitchen knife…. to the heart….problems.



Posted in art, Art + Thoughts, Photography by adamkupratis on May 7, 2009

The work of Shane Sakkeus is…. trippy? A drug induced plethora of colors, shapes and celebrities, Shane’s work is innovative to say the least. I’m pretty hungover right now and going to his website didn’t help the pulsating headache. But I was still able to muster up the patience and really study and appreciate the work once the 5 Excedrin’s kicked in… I’m now going to vomit on the floor while singing Marry Had a Little Lamb in Farsi.



Posted in Music by adamkupratis on May 7, 2009

The genius’ over at YewKnee posted this new mix for download…FREE. I got it yesterday and am really enjoying the song White Rabbits. Check it out. DOWNLOAD

  1. Bell Orchestre – The Gaze
  2. Micachu – Just In Case
  3. Doves – The Outsiders
  4. The Most Serene Republic – Heavens To Purgatory
  5. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Born On A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise
  6. Iran – I Can See the Future
  7. White Rabbits – Rudie Fails
  8. Non-Commissioned Officers – Radar Heart (Rody Please)
  9. JG Thirlwell – Tuff
  10. White Denim – Mirrored & Reverse
  11. Fanfarlo – Harold T. Wilkins, or How to Wait for a Very Long Time
  12. DM Stith – Pity Dance
  13. Jason Lytle – Yours Truly, The Commuter
  14. Dewey Decibel – The Dusting
  15. British Sea Power – Come Wander With Me
  16. Sufjan Stevens – You Are The Blood


Posted in Photography by adamkupratis on May 6, 2009

The photography of Alice Hawkins is familiar but very unique. Alice is huge in the fashion world shooting for iD Magazine, Pop and the Sunday Times. Her work with celebrities is my favorite. She doesnt just make them look good, she makes them look legendary. She chooses very elegant, vintage settings and uses a flash that almost makes me feel dirty for looking. I would describe it as the best kind of beautiful pornography but that would just be an disservice. Until I figure out how to describe it Ill call it Hawkinography. via cyanatrendland

satin sheets are good for one thing....indoor slip n slides

satin sheets are good for one thing....indoor slip n slides


"but I AM comfortable with myself"

"but I AM comfortable with myself"

when I run out of cigarettes I tend to sit like this

when I run out of cigarettes I tend to sit like this





Posted in Music by adamkupratis on May 6, 2009

The new video for the soung “Sweetest Secret” by Tree Soundz is one of those things that you’ll listen to after a break up and then get so upset you’ll take photos of yourself and comment on all your mutual friends myspace in order to show them that you’re better with out them but really just sad and in no way independent. I’m going to stop now, enjoy the video.


Posted in Photography by adamkupratis on May 6, 2009

Louise Mertens is an amazing photographer and model. I got a chance to chat with her about photography, life and my jealousy of her life.


Hit the JUMP for the full interview. And by JUMP I mean click on the word JUMP.


Posted in Photography by adamkupratis on May 6, 2009

Photographers, you must check out the blog by Dustin Diaz. Not only does he take amazing shots but he shows you exactly what he did to take them. This is the most informative site on setting up a shot I have ever seen and is exactly what LIP is all about.. knowledge! Thanks Dustin!



Posted in art, Art + Thoughts by adamkupratis on May 6, 2009

Pomme Chan is a conundrum of sorts. She has a degree in Interior Design, then started Graphic Design and her style is with felt-tip pens. Despite how windy her road has been, Bangkok born Pomme now is a successful and esteemed artist that I really really like. I bet she is hot in person. I mean, if some chick came up to you in a bar and told you that her clients included Microsoft, Nike, Sony and Mercedes Benz… you would so by buying her drinks till she thought you were hot. via OK Greatcc_madrizski2


Posted in Fashion by adamkupratis on May 6, 2009

I finally got my Johnny Cupcakes shirt and love it. They have some new stuff on their site. Check it out kids.



Posted in art, Art + Thoughts, Film by adamkupratis on May 6, 2009

After mentioning Alex Pardee in my last post I decided to check on his blog. He just recently put up a video from io9 featuring behind the scenes intel on his new animated series “Chadam”. I’m wetting my pants right now in excitement.